quality policy

Quality Policy


Quality Product

PTS Welding considers the quality of our product of prime importance in achieving any success. A quality product and service can only be provided with effective;

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Quality control
  • In-Process verification
  • Procurement strategies
  • Meeting delivery deadlines
  • After sales service
  • Supply and distributing products with certification such as: ISO 9001, 2000, TUV BAM, UL, SABS, CEN, DIN BSI etc.

Human Resources Policy

PTS Welding acknowledges the contribution and value of our staff and workforce. The company also accepts the responsibility it has in addressing the needs and issues at stake present in society.

Our policy is to;
  • Acknowledge, recognise and reward the contribution of our staff and workforce
  • Ensure protect and promote the health and safety of our personnel
  • Develop and improve human relations and technical skills
  • Ensure a participative and active management style
  • Implement training programs to empower our workforce to be positive role-players in the development of the country and society

Procurement Policy

The procurement policy is based on;
  • Quality of materials or products provided
  • Price
  • Delivery period and stock levels
  • Location of supplier - It is PTS Welding's policy to support local business and industry
  • BEE status any policy of suppliers

Safety Policy

PTS Welding acknowledges and recognizes our employees as the most valuable asset of the company. It is management's responsibility to facilitate and cultivate participative safety structures whereby all employees acknowledge and value the safety of themselves and their fellow employees.

In order to provide a safe working environment, we need to provide and address;
  • Adequate training
  • Protective clothing and safety equipment
  • Health issues and possible health risks
  • Environmental safety
  • Adequate safety structures
  • Conformance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act
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