pts product overview

Product Overview

Amongst the wide range of products we offer are:
  • Aquasol - Purging systems, water soluble paper, tape & pre formed dams.
  • Contessi - Lancing equipment
  • Gullco - Automation equipment, Plate Bevelling equipment, Trackless Automation equipment - Moggy System, Flex and Rigid Track Automation - "KAT" system.
  • IBEDA - SABS approved Flash Back Arrestors, Testing units etc.
  • Kemper - Fume extraction units, fixed & mobile.
  • Merkle - Mig, Plasma and Tig welding and cutting units
  • Protem - Pipe cutting and bevelling equipment
  • Rehm - Mig, Plasma, Tig and Welding Inverters
  • Starparts - Binzel and Weldcraft style Torches and consumables as well as a wide range of Plasma torches and consumables
  • Smith Equipment - Gas cutting and allied equipment - Flow Meters
  • Wescol - Regulators & Cutting Torches
  • TBI Industries - Original Binzel Mig, Plasma and Tig torches and consumables
  • Welding Filler Materials - Flux cored wires, Subarc wires and fluxes, Mig/Mag welding wires, Tig welding wires, MMA electrodes G.P., LH and High alloyed, Tungsten electrodes.
  • Various Power Tools - Metabo, Hitachi and Bosch
  • Z-Rid - 0 (Zero) Volts remote isolation devices

As safety is very important in any industry, you can also find the best quality in our protective wear:
  • Bilsom - Hearing protection
  • Pulsafe - Eye and face protection
  • Wilson - Respiratory protection
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